Helpful Garage Door, Opener and Remote Videos

Utah Garage Door Replacement and Repair has never been easier. We have a team of professional technicians dedicated to providing the highest quality services in a timely manner and would like to show you some of the techniques we use when it comes to Payson Utah Garage Door Replacement and Repair. Just take a look at these videos to see our technicians at work, all over Utah County, Payson, Provo, Orem and Heber City.

As our customers are our number one priority, we want them to know how efficient we are when it comes to Utah County garage door replacement or annual tune-ups and maintenance. These videos represent our statement of high-quality services and customer care, all together.

How to measure your opening for a Martin Garage Door

Measuring your opening for a Martin Garage Door

How to Replace Battery on a Martin Remote M3-2312 315MHz

How to remove the Vacation Lock on the wall console

How to Clear the memory of the keyless entry pad

How to change the keyless entry PIN

How to Program a keyless entry

How to clear the garage door remote

Programming additional transmitters

Programming a New transmitter to the Motorhead

Kids Grounded  - Garage Door Opener Video

Martin Garage Door Stop Animation... Cool

Sample TV Ads From Martin Door Dealers Part 2

Sample TV Ads From Martin Door Dealers Part 1

Home Check with Shell Busey - Copper Garage Door

Martin Garage Door Plant Tour

Reince Priebus injured by his garage door.

Jack McIntyre - Garage Doors Unlimited

Jack McIntyre - Garage Doors Unlimited

Martin Garage Door Operator Mounting Bracket

Martin Garage Door Operator Angle

Martin Garage Door Maintenance

Martin Garage Door Track Extensions

Martin Garage Door Shortening a door section

Martin Garage Door Reverse Angle Shields

Martin Garage Door Masonry Mount

Martin Garage Door Keyed Center Lock System

Martin Garage Door Installing Vault Release

Martin Garage Door Installing the Controlled Decent Device

Martin Garage Door Curled Cable

Martin Garage Door Center Bearing Support

Martin Garage Door adjustable strut

Martin Garage Door Adjustable Horizontal Track

Martin Garage Door 2 Inch Door Extension