Long-lasting baked-on paint.

Steel Paint Colors

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Steel Wood Grain

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Metallic Powder Coat Finishes

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Solid Powder Coat Finishes

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Martin Multi-layered baked-on enamel paint ensures superior corrosion resistance and a durable finish.



Powder Coat

Dry powder coatings are applied electrostatically then exposed to high temperatures, which causes it to form a hard durable shell. Powder coatings protect metal parts from corrosion and scatches

Our tips for choosing the right color for your garage door:

Allow your front door to be the focal point of the house. It's the main entry point of your home and, and if you've chosen a bold color for your front door, it can be a little overwhelming on a garage door.

If you wish to have high resale value, don't be unique or bold. Unusual or bright colors could potentially be challenging to sell your home. It's worth considering something that will increase curb appeal when picking your color.

If in doubt, go for what is popular.  The most popular color choice is to match your garage door color to the windows' color or trim work on the house. For a professional opinion specific to your home and tastes, give us a call.