Common Garage Door Problems During the Wintertime

Due to the cold, harsh weather conditions garage door repair is often needed. The springs become brittle or bend out of shape and need to replaced.  Don't end up with broken door this winter and give us a call.  We will replace the damaged springs.

It's the season for cold weather that often involves rain or snow. When that water begins to freeze under the door, the weatherstripping that insulates your garage by sealing it, can become damaged and is a cause for heat loss throghout your home. We can replace your garage door a long lasting weatherstripping and get rid of those puddles to get inside your garage.

If your door does not shut properly your photo eyes might need to be cleaned off due to debris.  If the photo eyes are damaged or out of sync, the door will not open when you press your door opener.  We recommend wipping down the photo eyes and remove any water, dust, dirt and grime. If you cannot find an object that is blocking the photo eyes, it may be damaged.  Call us and we can replace your photo eye sensors.

We are here to help maintain your garage door so it will last for many years to come. For more information contact us we offer garage door repair services.